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  1. Hey Yuri, please send me a private message. I really need to talk with you.

  2. Campaign 1: Hunt for free license keys of EaseUS products, coupon code and $5 gift card, good luck! The product includes: EaseUS EverySync Pro EaseUS MobiSaver for iPhone Pro EaseUS MobiSaver for Android Pro EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows Pro EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro Go to the campaign page here: http://www.easeus.com/campaign/easter-2017.html Note: All campaigns will be expired on Apr.19th. Please buy and activate the product during the validity period.
  3. Welcome dougie, sounds Dutch that name
  4. Hi :D 

    1. g3n-h@ckm@n


      Hello :D


      I think it's not a good idea that more than one person take the same topic in the same time

      this can make troubleshoot in the disinfection for the helpers and the one who needs help , some confusion I think....

  5. Goddamned Mal! I told him No hahahahaha, no welcome mate I do remember you from PCHelpForum Good to have you
  6. Hello Rex, Next to the questions that Kris asked you, what kind of laptop is it? Which model number? Does it have a SSD or HDD? Since 4 months old which these problems sounds like a warrenty recall.
  7. Thanks Aura
  8. Thanks guys, spending my birthday making the business taxes for WindowsInstructed and PustjensSolutions and making the budget for the sites, including finnaly getting that freaking update for the forum.... they still havent fixed my @^^%*&#@#^ account over at IPB
  9. They would impound your car in the netherlands
  10. Welcome mate, make yourself at home
  11. Hello Sounds like your physical drive cable might became loose or that your hard disk was damaged due to the fall. Older HDDs are damaged quite quickly by falling from a distance. Have you checked if all cables are attached?
  12. You are sure that you booted from the disk? This error should not show...

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