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  1. solved

    Excellent. Glad those issues are now resolved. Do you have any other questions or would you consider this thread resolved?
  2. solved

    Perform a clean boot in Windows and try running the on screen keyboard again. As for the missing device follow the instructions in this link and post the hardware ID's of the missing device here in your next reply.
  3. solved

    Try using the on screen keyboard to type the product key instead, How to Use the On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Regarding the missing device, did the Snappy Driver installer identify any missing devices or not?
  4. solved

    Have you tried plugging in an external USB keyboard and typing in the characters to activate Windows? With the Snappy Driver installer, did it identify any missing drivers on your machine?
  5. solved

    Hi chessman144, Welcome to WI! Looking at the device drivers for your laptop model did you install all the drivers listed under the chipset and the storage categories? Also what happens when you attempt to activate your copy of Windows 7, do you get an error message?
  6. Hi Pick3, Welcome to WI. Do you want to perform a clean install of Windows 7 and wipe all of your data on the drive or repair your current system without formatting the hard drive?
  7. Hi Charles, Welcome to WI!
  8. Are you going to upgrade to Windows 10 or stick with Windows 8.1? You mentioned that you will be upgrading but I am just curious if you are doing any other prep work before initiating the upgrade.
  9. No it won't affect the overall performance of the system when upgrading to Windows 10. There is a marginal improvement in speed with Windows 10 at best compared to Windows 8 so if you want better performance you will need to follow my tutorial if you want the system to run faster.
  10. In addition to installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, I would also recommend that you install Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, Spyware Blaster, and you use a Hosts File to block malicious advertisements as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  11. Ok that sounds good. Since you will be using Windows 10, I would suggest that you follow my guide for optimizing Windows 10 and if you want to make the interface function like Windows 7 see my tutorial on that as well. For security software, do you know what programs you will be using to help protect your computer from malware threats?
  12. Hi piuma. After running through Kris's suggestions with improving the performance of your machine, how is everything working with the computer now? Can you describe to me what current issues you are still having if any and let me know what the status of your computer is? Thanks.
  13. Hi VaderXanth, Welcome to WI!
  14. solved

    Thanks for the update and I am glad you solved your issue.
  15. solved

    Hi FlashyG. I assume you are using the regular Windows mouse driver correct? If so, I would try opening Device Manager< Expand the Mouse and other pointing devices category, right click on your mouse and select Uninstall. After the mouse has been uninstalled, reboot the computer and Windows should reinstall the mouse driver on its own. If that does not work, then go back into Device Manager< Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers and uninstall the entries labeled as USB Root Hub and then reboot the computer. Let me know if your mouse works successfully after following the above steps.

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