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  1. Hi.. I found my family laptop and I remember there are some family pictures inside that laptop. The last time the laptop boot up successfully was about... 6 or 7 years ago? I remember that time the laptop was quite slow.. So, on to the problem... The laptop will not boot to almost anything. Except for the BIOS.. Other than that, nothing, the laptop won't go to the desktop because it will reboot right when the windows logo appeared, safe mode. Also the same thing.. Reboot on windows logo.. So there is no way that i can restore to last known good configuration or turn off auto restart(i read this in other forums). Note: there was no installation disk included or maybe we lost it because it has been 7 years.. I feel the urge to do it myself before sending it back to the store because i think they will just format it ,like always... Here are the spec... ( i cant remember some of the spec because at that time i was just about a little boy..) Now running windows xp Service pack (either 3 or 2) but confirm not 1 3gb ram according to the ram cip at ram slot Other than this Idk... Any support will be appreciated

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