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  1. Back to W8.1, how can I block ads in IE11 with something similar to Ublock origin?
  2. I have the deadline for the upgrade to W10, but I need to study Evan's stuff. The passage is still free until the 30th of June. Hoping everything goes ok...
  3. Thank you Kris!!! DNS Jumper solved all my speed problems also. I'm so glad!
  4. Yes, also when I get into my Hotmail account through Google Chrome browser. I'm sure now that it is due to the dns config that I've set for the wi-fi connection. When going through IP4 properties I can notice that I did not set any DNS, and the link works. It was so nice to block all the annoying ads!...
  5. Feeling hopeful in my Tutor/Mentor's  deep knowledge, and relieved by his pleasant true politeness.


  6. Router resetted and reconnected: but unfortunately no changes regarding that issue. I've then tried to connect an Ethernet cable from my laptop to the router itself, and the link was correctly working; once unplugged the cable, unfortunately the situation came back to the previous configuration problem "The Device or the source (click.icptrack.com) is not configurated to accept connections on the port "Servizio Web (HTTP)". I've also did reset my wireless network card... But no results at all.
  7. Hello Kris, I hope u can help me by studying this case: referring to the above post, I've tried the power recycling option for my modem-router, (It's unfortunately a very used and overused solution for this house), and with that site /link didn't work. Forgot to tell you that by using the same wifi connection I can have easily access through my android phone. So, I've just tried again through my pc, and see below the results I did collect... (Tried to copy & paste). (Hoping there won't be many problems into translating it with an automatic translator,....sorry!) . What should I do to solve this stubborn network config? Tx, Piuma Problemi trovati Il dispositivo o la risorsa remota non accetta la connessione Il dispositivo o la risorsa remota non accetta la connessione Il dispositivo o la risorsa (click.icptrack.com) non è configurata per accettare connessioni sulla porta "Servizio Web (HTTP)". Contattare l'amministratore di rete Problemi trovati Details Il dispositivo o la risorsa remota non accetta la connessione. Il dispositivo o la risorsa (click.icptrack.com) non è configurata per accettare connessioni sulla porta "Servizio Web (HTTP)". Contattare l'amministratore di rete Operazione completata Il computer o il dispositivo che si sta tentando di raggiungere è disponibile ma non supporta l'operazione che si desidera eseguire. Causa possibile: problema di configurazione o funzionalità limitate del dispositivo. Dettagli rilevamento Registro diagnostica di rete Nome file: FB7EE951-A508-4BC8-BE2D-6F0744991D64.Diagnose.0.etl Altri registri ed elementi di configurazione di rete Nome file: NetworkConfiguration.cab Informazioni sulla raccolta Nome computer: UTENTE Versione di Windows: 6.3 Architettura: x64 Data/ora: martedì 24 maggio 2016 01.07.20 Dettagli autore Diagnostica di rete Windows Rileva i problemi a livello di connettività di rete. Versione pacchetto: 1.0 Entità di pubblicazione: Microsoft Windows
  8. Thank you very much for the above clear explanation! But...What to do when a website link doesn't accept anymore my connection type? I'm use to receive newsletters from the NYIP "New York Institute of Photography" <info@nyip.edu>, but once clicking on a link it seems to go to http://click.icptrack.com, and then suddendly blank page. http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=24114065&msgid=330347&act=BCIZ&c=810043&destination=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyip.edu%2Fphoto-articles%2Farchive%2Fhow-to-prevent-blurry-photos%3Futm_source%3DiContact%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3DNYIP%26utm_content%3DNYIP%2BMay%2BNewsletter I've tried to access through android internet and it is ok, so it might be this DNS... Could I settle somehow this address in my DNS?

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