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  1. http://top-n.ru/ Новости Политики

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      http://top-n.ru/ Новости Политики

  2. http://top-n.ru/ Новости Политики

    1. DouglasRhync


      http://top-n.ru/ Новости Политики

  3. Ok...if the laptop isn't working correctly while under warranty,it should cover the laptop no matter how many times it fails..
  4. Hello Do you still have a warranty on your laptop? One of our experts will be with you ASAP..
  5. Windows 10 updates,are causing issues...As mentioned in your Hello thread our experts with be with you ASAP...
  6. Welcome.. Our experts will be with you ASAP..:)
  7. Welcome..
  8. Well i hate that..maybe you can save some parts off of it...You take care as well..
  9. Yeah those arc marks are not a good sign...Never should be arc marks anywhere on the mobo.. Arc mark's indicate a possible power surge and the arc marks themselves can cause a power surge thru the mobo..
  10. With that now old mobo,were there any pit/melted/burned marks or arc marks inside the PCIe slot?
  11. Welcome
  12. Ok thanks for the info.
  13. After you have done what Mal has ask you,i suggest that you power down your pc. Then press the power button for about 10 or 15 seconds,open up your pc and re- seat all cards and memory sticks and make sure all cables are tight..

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